Q. Can I personalize an engraving on my ukulele?

A. Yes, absolutely! Our Island Ukuleles on our online shop are all handmade on Kaua'i by Raymond Rapozo at Island Ukulele. If you would like to personalize your Island Ukulele with a date (anniversary, honeymoon, birthday, etc...) or a short engraving (name, surname, location, etc...), use our contact form to email us or give us a call! Make something special a little more personal, it’s the perfect gift!

Personal engravings are an additional charge of $300 USD and take a few extra days to ship out. For more information, contact us! 

Q. Can I order a case with my ukulele?

A. All Island Ukuleles are shipped with a complimentary padded Kala travel case embroidered with our Hanalei Strings logo. If you would like to upgrade to one of our beautifully sleek hard cases, contact us and we can get you sorted. If you would like song books, tuners, or any other accessories to ship with your ukulele, contact us!


Q. How do I tune my ukulele?

A. The tuning for ukulele is GCEA. Clip your tuner onto the headstock of your ukulele and switch it on. Start by plucking the G string (the one nearest to your face). If your tuner, as almost all do, have an arrow display, when the arrow is pointing towards the left, tune up- when the arrow points to the right, tune down. Repeat as necessary until your arrow shows directly in the middle. Most tuners light up green when you're in tune. Do this with all your strings until each show you are in tune (G, C, E, A).  


Q. What are the different sizes of ukulele and which one is right for me?

A. The sizes of ukuleles go from Soprano, which is the smallest, to Concert, a good medium, to Tenor, the largest of the three. Choosing a size is completely personal preference, however, we always recommend people with larger hands to opt for the Concert (medium) size or the Tenor (large) size. Each size up receives a longer neck (more frets), a considerably wider fret board and a little more space between the strings (ideal for plucking). Soprano sizes are preferred by those with smaller hands who may have trouble reaching far, but if your hands are on the normal to larger side, you may have an issue with cramped space on a soprano ukulele. Take these notes into consideration when choosing a Uke!

Words from Raymond Rapozo, the creator & maker of Island Ukuleles:

"The Standard Ukulele, also known as the Soprano Ukulele, is the smallest ukulele and has a bright, rich, cheerful sound."

"Concert Ukulele is a mid-sized Ukulele. Concert Ukulele's produces a deeper sound to the Standard Ukulele. Raymond builds his Concert Ukulele's with bow back (ovation) to produce an even wider tonal range for the Concert Ukulele."

"Tenor Ukulele is one of the most popular ukulele's in Hawaii. Although, the concert ukulele and standard ukulele is also popular too. The tenor ukulele is larger than the standard and concert uke, therefore producing a louder, deeper and richer sound."


Q. Can I convert my ukulele to a left-handed instrument?

A. Yes! A right handed ukulele can be converted rather easily to be left handed by restringing and reversing the order of the strings so that when a left-handed person is playing, G will be at the top (the string nearest to your face) and A will be at the bottom. 


Q. Is it possible to install a Low-G string on my ukulele?

A. Yes, it is possible to set up your instrument with a low G string. Sets & individuals can be purchased on online sites such as Amazon. If you would like a set of strings or an individual low G string included in your order, call or email us after you have purchased your Uke and we can get you sorted! **NOTE: Make sure to read the description of each ukulele. Some do come with low G strings already installed!**

Q. Do you recommend the use of a humidifier? 

A. "We highly recommend the use of an in-case humidifier (Humilele™, Humistat™, Oasis™, Planet Waves™, Damp-It™) to protect your instrument from the affects of dry weather." - Kala Brand Music Co. 

Q. What do I do if my Kala Brand Ukulele breaks or needs to be fixed for whatever reason?

A. Get in contact with Kala! Email the following to: service@kalabrand.com
- Pictures of:
      - the front of your ukulele
      - the sound hole so they can see the sticker inside
      - the crack / damage
      - the receipt of purchase