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Rated 4.9 STARS ON AIR-BNB EXPERIENCES & one of the top 5 experiences in hawaii

This shop is so very special to me. My family lost their entire home and everything they had to the Santa Rosa fire. My sister-in-law is a ukulele lover and lost her Uke in the fire. This wonderful store offered her a brand new ukulele as a gift. One of her coworkers was on the island and explained the situation and they offered the beautiful instrument.

What wonderful people have stepped up to help them.

Appreciating you from the Big Island, Mahalo Nui Loa !

This company expresses the true meaning of Aloha.

Kelly D. | Redondo Beach, CA

Taron Egerton, actor and dear friend, with his (multiple) Hanalei Strings ukulele(s) and chord chart. He sent us this photo after taking our group ukulele lesson, having mastered "Happy Birthday" and playing like a pro...


We enjoyed the vibe of the music store venue, the easy-going step by step guidance given by Kirk, who is quite a character! They have wonderful instruments and a sweet way of introducing music to all. It was quite a drive for us to make after traveling all day, but it was worth it.

Kay E. | AirBnb Review

LOVE the service, staff, and events!! True Aloha.

Always a pleasure.

Dawn J. | Kauai, HI

I am very happy I wandered into this store. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Not only do they sell ukuleles, they also teach you how to play. I really enjoyed the intro to ukulele class. It was a very fun way to learn the basics. I look forward to practicing what I learned. I highly recommend this place to anyone that is even remotely interested in learning to play.

Christopher Daniel M.

One of the best music shops I’ve been to in possibly my favorite town on earth. Wife and I visited today, randomly stumbled into hanalei strings and walked out about 20 min later with a beautiful flame maple ukulele and an amazing memory.

Greg L. | Brooklyn, NY

A musical spot in paradise unlike any you’ve ever experienced and will want to be a part of, brought to you by a talented and eclectic musical family with a splash of genius.

Barbara Rooney P.

I love Hanalei Strings! They have it all: music, helpful friendly staff, and the coolest vibe! Don’t leave Hanalei before you check it out!!!

Harmonie H.| Kauai ,HI

Take the ukulele lesson! Best $20 I’ve spent while in vacation! Great teacher in an enchanting environment. We had so much fun!

Lindsay C. | Denver, CO

My Family and I had a fantastic time learning to play the ukulele. It was a highlight of our trip! Kirk was very nice and informative, we would highly recommend his class.

Madison | AirBnB Review

Love this place and absolutely love the owners. If you need to know anything about music, or instruments, this is the place to go!

Meggin S.

Yarn and music in one place, with the nicest owners ever, don’t miss this in Hanalei!

Katrine H.

If you’re a musician or a lover of music, Hanalei Strings is a reason in itself to plan a trip to Kauai!! We happened upon this small store as we just walked by, and then popped in to see if I could rent a guitar for the week that we’d be in Kauai. My 12 year old daughter has been taking guitar lessons, but there is never enough time to practice—and what better time to practice than on vacation in Hawaii? Well asking that off question opened up a door of great experiences and to the purchase an amazing guitar. Kirk, the owner of the store and a highly renowned musician—who also happens to be an amazing teacher and a truly nice person, did have a guitar that we could rent, but he also had a great little used acoustic guitar for super cheap, so purchasing it and taking it home was a no brainer (especially since the airline didn’t charge us!)

So that was the start of the first of several great experiences! Kirk also teaches group ukulele lessons and who knew that learning four basic chords is the start of being able to play 50,000 songs? Well it turns out that it’s true. My daughter loved his class and then fell in love with another guitar that she begged for. She had been looking for a used electric guitar at Guitar Center, but was indecisive. The used electric guitar that Kirk had was his son’s custom built Fender Telecast. First off, I don’t know anything about guitars and my nature is bit on the cynical side, but my daughter loved it and loved the sound. We purchased this one too and when we got it home to LA my daughter’s guitar teacher and the owner of our local music store were thoroughly impressed and thought we got a great deal! Could there be more, well yes! As I mentioned, Kirk is an amazing musician and so is his son! They, and a couple other musicians, put on an incredible show for an audience of about 50 one evening in his little store. What a great little gig! Best entertainment with the best seats anywhere. Pop hits, jazz, a bit of raggae—even a guest teen jumped up and performed an amazing rap song that he made up on the spot with all the little conversations of the evening woven into his lyrics. It was spontaneous, fluid and beautiful! Such a treat—the whole evening, the entire experience with Kirk! The highlight of our vacation!

Royal B. || Glendale, CA

Something happened to me today that was very, very special and made it all worth it for me to be here. There’s a store in Hanalei Bay called Hanalei Strings and they are donating this brand new Makala ukulele to Bobbi Donovan so she can start rebuilding her home. I’m just bursting with joy, it just made today so different… So grateful. Somewhere Over the Rainbow- dreams really do come true.

Kathleen Brannan B.

Mahalo nui loa, from the bottom of our hearts, for keeping us going.

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